What is your thorn?

Just watched Pastor Byrd and felt compelled to share.  Im one for complaining Im a half glass empty kind of person.  I moan about this and I moan about that ,I make situations 100 times worse because I moan and complain.  Todays sermon I watched was about identifying your thorn and recognising that God may leave the thorn so that it makes you more Holy.  When I first started to watch this sermon I thought how could God do that . Why would he want people to suffer but as I watched it became more apparent to me that the scripture 2 peter 3:9 is evidence of this.  I can identify that my thorn is bpd. It affects my life so much but what it has also done now is draw me closer to God as I ask him daily to help me deal with the confusion and chaos bpd can bring to me.  If God wants to save me then my thorn has a positive spin about it.  This is what is drawing me closer to him.  It may be hard to bear now but God allows it to stay there for a reason. He wants me to be saved and he wants me to assist to save others ………..this is a huge revelation to me today. Thank you God for using Pastor Carlton Byrd to deliver this message. It has helped me to take a different look at my thorn.

Victoza still…..

Im still on Victoza but had to drop the forxiga.  My bp dropped too much on both.  Sugars are doing okay lower than they were . Im still only on .6 dosage looking to increase next week.  Finished my job today and its a huge relief onwards and upwards and no looking back.

Victoza take two

So it has been deemed appropriate that I start injecting victoza again for my ongoing saga with raging blood sugars.

Today is day 1 and I kid you not, one shot and I feel so full.  I dont remember this happening before. Only managed a small amount of breakfast . It will be interesting to see how the day pans out.

Amazing Facts Feb 2nd

? Why were the Ten Commandments put on two tablets instead of just one ?

In my ignorance I didn’t even know this. I thought they were on one. Some scholars think 5 on one and 5 on another. ¬†Or 4 and 6.

So a little research tells me that they were on 2 stones.

This leads me to ask my own question……..Where are they now? If they were written by Gods own finger, were they not deemed the most precious?? Looks like I will have to do some more research on this.

Disc Bound Planner ARC by Staples

Exploring the idea of the ARC notebook from staples.  I used one for about 8 months and it served its purpose well.

Today I have purchased some various addons and paper for the planner. Im thinking maybe this can he used as my information planner with my new job.  As I will be a locum one day a week I potentionally could be going to manage any scheme so will need a robust notebook to store my info.  More posts to follow once I have planned…….

Endoscopy results

I have oesophagitis reflux gastritis and erosions. At least I know why i have pain and acid.  Cant say endoscopy is top of my bucket list but it was tolerable. Got to up my ppi to keep the acid from causing more damage.

On more postive news I was offered the job.  30 hours over 4 days and 3 days in office and 1 as locum, sounds really exciting and looking forward to starting.

Be glad to leave this current role as too much stress and agrivation which will only lead to more stomach issues. About time I tried to calm my life down now and stop all the stress that goes on. Too much of my body is being affected by stress.

I watched a good sermon today by Pastor Doug Batchelor about the Ten Commandments. How they are there for us to recognise sin.  It made a lot of sense to me and I hope it will help me to look at things in a more biblical way.