Wednesday, April 25, 2007


(found some old diary material, thought I’d enter them here)Lost my quit on 1st March 2007 after quitting 13th Oct 2006

Well I feel like crap and it can only be due to smoking….Finding it hard to stick on only 10 aday(That didnt last long did it)

Bought a box of Nicorette Gum today with a view to trying that this tome round.I can feel my breathing has got worse my energy level definitely has. My walking is the bare minimum now… And even that is hard to do.I’m hating the fact I started smoking again, I hate what it must be doing to my body. I worry about that all the time.  I know it is affecting me and I hate it….I now have to decide how and when Im going to pack up again.  Do I like the sound of May 1st?  Probably not but is there a good time to quit?  My energy and tiredness….I get exhausted very quickly, just had a look through my old walking chart and the difference between then and now is scarey…I really have gone back downhill fast… The smokes suck the life out of you.

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