Monday, July 30, 2007 Day 3

Current mood:  okay

Day3 no smoking

What can i say?  The news still hasnt really sunk in…..I went for a small walk today and got totally worn out…. who would have thought that 2 months ago.  The non smoking is going ok.,.,I have fleeting moments of gosh i miss a fag, but then I remember why I’m not smoking anymore……..

Survived the weekend….News starting to hit home.  I get nervous about the slightest twinge in my chest…What if I have another heart attack..One big positive, I no longer getting heart palps since quitting. that has to be a good sign.  Still feeling very dizzy and tilted though…….I craved cigs the most today….but i have not smoked.  I worry about the future, I lost  a 5 mth quit and what if I cant say quit??? Tom tells me to take it one day at a time, so one day at a time it is…..

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