Thursday, August 02, 2007

First encounter with a cigarette today, no not me!  Guy come to fix the garage door, bold as brass puffing on a cigarette in my driveway…..He stunk, the cig stunk and it made me fearful,,,, Not about smoking but about breathing in his fumes.Chst pains have eased today, I think they were coming from clearing out lungs rather than my heart.  Went a little further walking today maybe managed 0.5 miles! Dont feel so dizzy today either, i noticed yday that was alittle better……Think i have put on some weight but do you know I dont care!  I just want to stay quit on the fags, the weight will come off in due course…..Right thats my little entry for today,,,,, cravings not so bad…… Aamzing how people seem to resent your quit and changes you want to make to your life…..I really do have to change the way i have been living, stress stress stress!!! I dont doubt that stress has been a factor in my heart troubles and this I know i have to change.  I always worry what people think of me and try to put others 1st….However, the 1st time you try to change that you get called “a nasty Cow”……Well to that person and you know who you are…….You have had your share of me being nice to you for longer than you deserved……my life is more important that your little tantrum…..Ahhhh feel better already 

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