Friday, August 24, 2007

Current mood:  thoughtful

4 weeks today I was told it looked like I had had a mild heart attack…….The signs were there, chest pain, breathlessness, lightheadedness, yet still I continued to smoke my 10 a day!  I vowed that night 4 weeks ago if Dr interepreted the ecg as a heart problem then I would stop that day….And I stop I have……I cant say I am totally happy about it, I feel very vulnerble without the cigs,I have gained a stone in a month(thats my own fault pigged out the cravings) and I sometimes feel like something is missing…Then I remember why I am quit…I am 37 and have had a heart attack…I am 37 and I have osteoporosis, I am 37 and far too young to die……So even on days I hate my quit I have to remember how close to death one really is ………

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