Friday, March 14, 2008

Current mood:  jubilant

I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago today, and Im so amazed by how mentally this quit is so different. I get days where I really crave but I really love the freedom of not smoking.  You dont have to have a cig to get rid of withdrawals…I never realized that I spent most of life in withdrawal…When I quit in 2006 I never went back to being a 30+fag a day smoker…I limited them to max 7-8 a day.. Most of the time it was 6….And I used to to feel like crap and never realized it was because of nictotine withdrawal..It was really hard mentally to only smoke that little….I was constantly clock watching and wishing the time would pass so I could smoke..What a way to live your life, wishing it away!  Now I love the fact I feel better and not sat wishing the clock would say something very different…I am still only early days of my quit but Im starting to like it

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