Sunday, March 16, 2008

Concealed in the Clouds

Only I heard, as I watched from my window

The secrets that moonlit clouds concealed.

Against dark starry sky, they painted memories, way up high.

Memories I’d lost , prefer to forget, but clouds chose to remind.

They told of a love, so great, a love which could defy life

A love which took life, a love which lost life.

Only I saw, as I watched from my room

My past love drift away high on a cloud.

On storm carried clouds, take the pain, take the shame

Remove from my heart , my mind, my soul

The bitter memory that was you and me.

The memories of nights gone before.

Only I feel, as I sit alone in this world

Clouds seek to remind of a pain too hard to bear.

So when night descends and the storm clouds approach

Buried beneath sheets I will hide to ride the storm

No longer will I look up to hear and see the

Haunting secrets concealed in the clouds.

© Sandie Woodward 2008

Im healing myself…..This wil mean very little to most people…I wish it meant nothing to me but it does…..

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