Quits Before ………..140 Days

Im in a reflective mood today and wondering how on earth I blew my 140 day quit last March…I quit on the 13th October 2006, used to smoke 30+ smokes aday and was a typical “well you got to die of something”…..That was when I thought I would hit 80+years before suffering from a smoking related disease….Not 37….Copd changed that attitude rapidly…..I dont want to die, I want to see my Grandchildren if Im blessed enough to have them……Anyway……140 days I blew…..Not by accident,not through drunkedness!(Gosh then I would have problems!!!!) but a conscious decision to smoke…..Depression was the excuse….I had been crying and crying for days….My junkie thinking even after 140 days decided I needed a smoke and I blew it….WoW  How powerful is this addiction?Its bigger than we realize….And we HAVE to prepare for it….I am  ready for the battle because freedom is worth any struglgle, any upset ….I will fight this addiction til my dying last breath if need be, because I intend to make sure my last breath come from “non smokers” lungs!

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