Smoking or Chips???

Ummmm….Smoking or chips???

That is todays question?  I have had a lightbulb moment today and one that I hope will greatly help me…Since Oct 2006 I have tried to quit smoking, various lengths of quits, long and short…..During that time I have gained 2 stone lost 2 stone and gained 2 and half stone….It suddenly dawned on me today that the quits I lost due to my excuse weight gain, have cost me more weight……Let me explain  Had I kept my quit of 13th Oct 2006 I would have been quit along time now and most definitely lost weight….However…..I didnt keep that quit and tried time and time to stay quit, and the end result weight gain…..So bingo! I now know what I must do….I got to carry on doing exactly what Im doing which seems to be diet 4-5 days of the week and not so good 2-3 days of the week.  That way……I know I will keep my quit and soon I wont need the emotional comfort that I sometimes crave…..and a diet will be easier to stick to…

So I have answered todays question so simply…..

Smoking or chips…?  I’ll take the chips

ps.  Im off to the Doc for a Spirometry on Wednesday be interesting to see how the COPD is …..

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