Really tested today

As if the past week hasnt been hard enough what with all the palarva with Tristan etc……I go for a walk today, nothing unusual in that except today some muppet tries to kill me!  I am on the last mile home which is a slight up hill… I see two cars coming down the hill and what looks like the back car about to overtake the first one…however, a car is also travelling up the hill…..It would appear the back car had already lost control……And it is swerving uncontrollably from one side of the road to the next….I really thought it was coming my way on the pavement and that would be it!!Luckily the female driver came to a standstill about 20 feet from me….And you wanna know the best thing she just drove off….Didnt ask if I was ok or give herself a breather….no just drove off…..I wasnt ok, very shook up…My hubby rang bout 2secs later to see whereabouts I was…..I made my way up the hill and got home….I was shaking…..And here is the best bit……I DID NOT WANT a smoke…..I realized how much I truly love living and smoking will take that away from me….so even though Im still abit shaken by it all I did NOT want a smoke and that has to be something to rejoice about….

Wednesday visit to the DR……..Spirometry was awful….Should have listened when I was told in Oct 2006 quit now!   Main thing is now I dont smoke!


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