Dumping the Emotional Junk


Don’t invade my dreaming

There is no place for you

Release me from your icy grip

That chills my heart to blue

Don’t intrude my sanity

With words of lies, deceit

To cover up your evil act

Or ease your conscience sweet

Don’t pretend you love me

Never will it be right

‘To love’ is not perverted

For your sick ended delight.

Don’t ever think about me

Without feeling disgraced.

I wish each day you suffer

Payback for each embrace

Don’t think you can forget

The innocent in me you stole

I will lay deep in your mind

And erode away your soul

You have no right to normality

Nor live your life as free

Tortured by your demons

For eternity is my plea

Clearing out junk in my head…..I wish one day ‘he’ would feel the same as I do……Because from my point of view, he won….

Anyhows…..Makes me feel a tiny bit better knowing that I declare to the world what I want and how I want…If that makes any sense….

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