Time to get Excited?

Im nearly there….

13th October 2006 – 1st March 2007 = 139 days

18th January 2008 – today = 138 days

Why the importance of those date?  First set of dates is my longest quit….and Im about to overtake them…I will be in virginal water and i cant wait…I have wished this for a long time now, and its nearly here…So is this quit different from that one?  Without  a doubt, this one has been so hard…..Its totally taken over my life, which I suppose in a way is a good thing….I still get a little annoyed that everyday I still think about smokes, not craves, but the thoughts are still there…I am still not on a diet…..Why do I mention all of these things?  The 139 day quit I mentioned earlier?  At this stage I hardly thought about smoking until ‘that’ day…I took my quit for granted and threw it away on a whim……Well on junkie thinking….At that time I thought the daily crying and mood swings were due to depression caused by not smoking.,…..Seems to me now that the junkie in me was raging….I had already lost nearly a stone last time…….But I also went back to smoking so this time things are different….Im waffling….Im excited…..

Tomorrow is launch day of Big Brother! looking forward to it….

So this Friday will be my 20th week of not smoking and day 140 which is something I have never accomplished before…..


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