Over the hill and far away

Over the hill and far away

Current mood:  breezy

Yesterday was my 5 month no-smoking anniversary….

So today I have decided to write a few thoughts down…..To remind me in a moments of weakness, stress, happiness, just life, that smoking will never be an option for me ever again…..No matter what!

Ex smokers tell you its gets easier to resist when you first quit…..At the start that is a very unrealistic thought….When every waking moment is spent craving a smoke….so too is your dreaming….Talking of smoking dreams I had 1 last night, havent had 1 in a while…..Anyway…back to the ex-smokers…For the past 5 months i have put my trust in all the people on Quit net who told me hang on in there it will get easier…..And today I can honestly say…..It’s getting easier…..I have read forums with envy of people with 3 month quits saying they never think about smokes anymore!  I now can go an afternoon or morning without thinking about smokes!  YEAHHHHHHHHH But Im a long way from never thinking about them….Maybe i always will…..I dont mind if that is the case…..! Beats smoking the damn things

So thats what Im going to continue doing, listening to people who know better than me….I know Im still in the early stages of conquering this addiction, but I feel stronger…..When I set out on this Quit journey back in 2006, I didnt know what to expect…..Now Im learning what to expect and how to deal with it all….When I quit in January I told myself 2 years to recover form this addiction…..That thought has helped me no end.

On a really positive note…..My bone scan has shown some improvement in my hip…..I have built some bone!  So walking 4-5 miles a day really has helped!

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