Happy Non Smoking Birthday to Me

A Very Happy Non Smoking Birthday to Me!

Well here I am 39th Birthday and Im a non smoker!!! Yiphee

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO Proud of me!

Lotsz and Lotz of Crap going on in my life and I am staying strong…

Tom found out he needs spinal surgery coz his spinal cord is being compressed

Tristan still not talking to me

Matthew joins RAF 1st Oct

Nyck out of work!

But Im staying strong and hanging in there….

COPD will not disappear if I smoke it will only get worse …..

Tough couple of emotional days coming up now but I know I will remain strong and come out of all this a stronger person. One  who doesn’t stink and not willing to make their family suffer by watching me die a slow long drawn out smoking related death!

To all the people who support me. I love you all and thank you!

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