Today…..From boy to man

Today…..From boy to man

Current mood:  sad

My 16 year old son will be leaving home in a round 8-9 hours to start his journey from boy to man.  He is starting his 9 weeks basic training for the RAF.  I am proud of him for knowing exactly what he wanted to do and pursuing it despite the fierce opposition he met, (mainly from me).  I feel he is too young but the RAF obviously do not feel the same way else they wouldn’t be accepting him.  Inside my heart is breaking but I will be strong for him and carry on my life the way it is…..Matt over the years has been my biggest support for quitting smoking, always believing in me and never judging when I failed…Even though I could see in his eyes the hurt of failed quits……Now as Im nearing 9months quit I will continue along my quit road stronger as I know how much he admires me for perserving despite the tough summer we have all had……

I pray God watches over my little baby.

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