18 years ago …………..

18 years ago …………..

18 years ago I was in hospital waiting to give birth to ‘Baby Nyck Nyck’  The placenta was in the wrong place and I had been in the hospital since September.  I was bored, fed up and worried.  Worried we would both not make it through the operation, worried I may die and leave Tristan and Nyck…..Shame their father wasnt worrying about the same……All he was worried about was the fact Nyck was another son and not a daughter!  Nobody can ever understand the pain and hurt such rejection causes….Or indeed the longterm problems it had caused…….We split up when Nyck was only a few months old and to this day his biological father has never wanted anything to do with Nyck, despite wanting to know Tristan!

This Wednesday Nyck will be 18….I have spent night after night worrying how Nyck would ‘turn out’….Would he be emotionally damaged because of his fathers rejection, would he turn to crime, drink, drugs…….I worried, I tried to compensate for ‘A’s’ lack of love.  I prayed he would grow be a good man….What can I say about Nyck as he turns 18…He is a wonderful precious son, a son I am truly proud of . He is caring, sensitive, loving, funny, smart(in his way!), hard working, and most of all he is a well balanced individual, who has no chip on his shoulder… Or feels the world owes him something.  He is lovely, he’s my Baby Nyck Nyck!




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