Just like the good old days???

Some Things never Change!

All the banter, all the arguing, all the points scoring!  How I have missed it all….All 3 boys home for the holidays and too much machoness(is that a word?), too much competetion and too much “my life is better than your life!”  How I love it!

Will be so sad when they leave and the house will become quiet and dead.  Just lingering reminders of their visit…The festering sock disregarded under the sofa.  Only facing the light of the day when I am convinced the cat has brought in a mouse.
The t-shirt found at the bottom of the laundry basket, the coco pops in the cupboard.
When they are young , you take for granted the endless days of fun and laughter.  The joy and sadness of each milestone.  Then its gone! and you are left empty. without reason or purpose.
So I shall relish every lasting moment the boys are here and put to the back of my mind the looming loneliness just around the corner.


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