Its only when you sleep

Its only when you sleep……….

You can deny my existence in your waking hours and never utter my name from your lips…..
But when you sleep you are haunted by the images of your mistake.
You cant erase the past any more than you can control the future.

I feel better already for writing that down.
So what figures in my life at present…..?

Well nearly at the end of my OU course, thankfully, totally had enough if it and feel like I have learnt zilch from it..
Had several hair disasters, or rather hari colour disasters but hopefully that is sorted now.  Paid an awful lot of money just to fix it all with a £5 box of semi colorant!  Go figure.
As for not smoking well happy to report Im on day 845….That’s a lot days….Just had a spell of mild cravings, well doubt they were cravings.  But my mind was doing battle with the stupid little voice that says “Wouldnt it be cool to have just one!”  No it wouldnt be cool so bog off!
This is one fight I fully intend to win to the bitter end!


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