I have decided……I think!

Well I think I have definitely decided to come off  HRT.  I got to see my consultant on 23rd June 2010 and will go armed with all the reasons I want tos top taking it.

  • Weight gain Fed up with Drs telling me etc that HRT does not cause weight gain, when I clearly have gained so much since being on it!
  • Cancer risks –  all studies reporting how dangerous HRT is…..I know the studies apply to women in the fifties and over but still can’t help thinking “what if???”
  • Fluid retention I am always puffed up. Legs fingers face…….
  • bad moods are they caused through my hormones?
  • Asthma drastically worse on HRT

I’m going to wait until I have told my consultant, then I shall keep a blog on how I go with it!


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