It’s all doom and gloom!

So it’s been a few days since I have used HRT and I’m starting to notice the effects.  Last night I slept solid til 5am that is unheard of.  I spend a portion of the night either travelling back and forth to the toilet or gulping down huge quantities of water to try to quench my thirst.  So a relatively good night sleep,but boy the jitters have been bad today.  A real feeling of doom and gloom that something terrible is about to happen.  I liken it to the many panic attacks I have suffered over the years.  I hope they pass real soon, as they are unpleasant.  I have felt less hot today despite our unseasonal high temperatures.

New challenge….As it would appear that walking is not really me to lose weight I have also decided to add a 1000 bike challenge.  now I’m not able to call it 1000 mile or 1000 km bike challenge as I’m unsure the measurement my stationary bike uses!  So it’s the 1000 bike challenge.


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