No HRT update

Well its been a fair few weeks now and I really am adjusting well to life with no HRT.

Unless the temp is over 20c I  do not get hot flushes.

I sleep better as I no longer have such a dry mouth keeping me a wake.  still make at least 3 trips to bathroom at night .

My face is looking healthy , no grey colour and the rash on my right check is nearly gone!

My eyes are a clearer white, the yellowing is only faint now.

Back and neck is playing up still.

Migraines/headaches have gone!

My mood swings are a lot calmer.  I rarely fly into a rage now .  Cry about the same amount!

hair looks thinner and lots falling out but that s ok

I can see its going to be a battle to get me back on HRT in Dec!


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