Byetta Here I come!

So looks likeI have a date to start Byetta, 5th December 2011.  After watching 2 people successful with Byetta I too hope to follow in their footsteps.  The Diabetic nurse has booked me in for a Byetta learning appointment and I hope great things will come from it.  My sugar control is still very poor and despite my body coping all thses years well with it, it doesnt seem to now., I am drinking soooooo much water its not funny….And that is costing a fair bit as I only drink Evian!  So looking forward to better control, Getting lots of pins and needles in my hands now and my elbow i broke is really starting to pay up also.

Im nervous about starting the Byetta but know how much much better I will be if it works for me…..Not only great sugar levels but weight loss, rather than the muscle loss im losing at the moment.

A friend showed me the needle on the Byetta pen,’Look its only very tiny’ she says…….i gulp and think to myself ‘oh my days its enormous’ .  sobetween now and the 5th im going to watch the byetta instruction video over and over again and I hope i too will  see how tiny it really is also!!!!


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