Victoza is my name!

Well it’s not really my name but it is the name of the latest drug Im trying fro my diabetes.  Fed up with tryung this and trying that.!

Day 2 feel abit foggy in the head and mild sicky feeling but thats all. Not really noticed too much difference with my sugars.  Overnight fasting 14,9  and 1 hr after breakfast 18.7  but its early days and only on low lose atm….So fingers crossed this is the one that will help me.

Need to really get this undercontrol, scan showed I have confirmed fatty liver so losing weight is the only real way to get that under control as well as good sugar control.  its all shit really but im sure once i feel better and get a good grip on all this it will be easy or at lease easier.  so far victoza not creating any nasty side effects, apart from stupid little chesty cough.


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