Losing the carbs in my diet

So This diabetes lark is getting me down, no matter what medication I take i still end up eventually with blood glucose levels in the 20’s!  (UK figures)  so I guess I am really reacting to my food.

Todays breakfast experiment…..2 turkey rashers, 10 mushroom 1 egg and 1 tomato…..by 1.5 hrs my sugar level had only risen to 12.1………That is amazing!

So I guess im going to have to look at my diet and try to eradicate as much carbs as possible . I wonder why I crave carbs so much,many years ago I had daily craving for pasta.  I could eat huge platefuls of pasta, didn’t worry about the sauce….when I was diagnosed with diabetes I decided to give up pasta.  We have pasta now as a treat as I know if I allowed myself free rule with it, I would be back to eating huge platefuls……

Cornflakes are a bugger for raising my levels. within an hour of eating them Im thirsty and fell yuck.  So I guess i will have to find carb free options for my meals  Be worth it if my levels become stable for once!!!


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