Ebay bargains and rubbish

I have been very lucky over the years with Ebay, had only a few bad bids and items. This last week has been one of those weeks.! Received a wonderful 2nd hand pocket finchley. Beautiful purple colour and in very good condition. Will post some picture of that later. and a cute mini chameleon, However I was also very disappointed in a red metropol A5 filofax I ordered.

Description:Filofax a5 Red leather look filofax. Bought as a present and used once. In perfect condition. Has a popper fastener and pen holder. Includes various pages and dividers including address forms and note paper.

It failed to mention that it was indeed personal size and contained ingrained dust and rust! I did open a dispute to try and get my money back as seller was convinced she had not sold me a load of ole crap! She disputed the size difference as irrelevant. To send the damn thing back would have cost me £6 special delivery,. so I closed the dispute and said I would keep it. I NEVER give out negative comments on Ebay but now I have…

So sometimes you have to beware on sellers selling crap, can end up costing more than item worth to send back.



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