Filofax Therapy!

I’m on a journey, a long journey and I hope a worthwhile journey.  Its a journey to discover me, who me really is and who I am really meant to be….And I plan to do this with my new A5 filofax….Pink Finsbury, all new and shiny…….

I bought a book in a charity shop a few months back and put it on the bookshelf. a book called A year in the life by Sheila Bender.  Journaling for self discovery.  .I’m finding it great fun and thought provoking.  This is being used with daily journalling. My counsellor thinks its a good idea for me to get back to writing.  I used to write poetry years ago but stopped.  Daily writing is helping to trigger some long forgotten memories.  Some I wish I had forgotten forever and some I’m glad are indeed my memories.  Im hoping in time I can overcome and heal myself.  My new pink A5 Finsbury filofax, is just the journal I need to fight my demons…..

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