How did his wife not know?

Reading the Daily mail today I felt compelled to write a post as I too have often wondered how the hell does the wife not know?

The above link for story which inspired this post……..So how does a wife not know the darker secrets of such husbands.  I suspect they do…….Which in my minds makes them almost as guilty as the abuser.  In my situation, i cant really see how she didn’t know!   She met him entering the house at 6 in the morning when she was leaving.  She must have wondered where he had been…?  I was always at the house I know i was the baby sitter and cleaner but still…….did it never enter her head why I was there so much? i truly think she knew and did nothing because it suited her to not….He was paying half the mortgage, they had separate lives and shared the child care.  Makes me angry though.  Another person who could have stopped the whole sordid affair.  I suspect the daughters must know.  When they think back now as adult women they surely must put two and two together… I do remember him making a comment once that one of daughters commented that he was coming out one night to see me.  I guess he covered with lies and no more was thought about it.  But as adults now they must look back and think hey did he ?

And now on to his new wife?  I guess as she has produced another daughter for him , she must be much younger than him ..Hes 70 odd now .  Does she know his past?  Has he told her how a 14 year old girl pursued him for years, and he had to give in ……I can just imagine the crap he tells himself.  But i know and he knows the truth, and for that he will carry to his grave.  For me I will make sure I find some love for myself and stop blaming and hating myself…I will not go to my grave with his dirty conscience…

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