Franklin covey setup

I have been meaning to blog about my franklin covey for quite some time. Finally the time has arrived .
New to me and all the way from America I was so excited to swap this planner. I had a new Filofax metropol in kingfisher blue which was not inspiring me at all. So I found a swap and so thrilled with my franklin covey.
It is a lovely deep red classic size zipped planner with humongous rings!

Picture 064          Picture 070      Picture 071

I made my own tabs with re positionable stickers.  They came with some software to assist with printing and I think they have worked very well.  i couldn’t really afford the space that homemade card dividers would take up.  I have a lot of tabs so this seemed the best way to do it.

Picture 060     Picture 059

I don’t really carry many post its, just one basic yellow pack, which i tuck in the back zipper pocket.  2 great sized pen loops  i have available to me 8 colours with my multi pens from BIC

Picture 065

I love the way Franklin covey give you that spacey feeling in their planners.  I do have a smaller size planner from FC which also feels roomy.

This planner has 7 pockets in the front and another zipped pocket

Picture 063         I don’t like storing too much here either just some odds papers and one paperclip

I saw on the internet and sorry I cant credit you as I don’t remember where i saw it, a way of holding sheets together,  I took some ribbon and some velcro

Picture 068     Picture 069

I think this works very well. so Thanks for the idea!

And my decorated front

Picture 061

All in all I am thrilled with this planner, It holds all my files, plus full address directory, diary and note paper.  I can zip it up and bring home loose bits of papers knowing they are NOT going to fall out.  Love my Franklin covey!


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