2014 franklin covey setup

So today I decided to make a start on setting up my Franklin Covey for 2014. It’s a bit emotional to be honest as I’m changing my job career in 2 days time. It felt very strange to be removing such vital paperwork which now will be meaningless. Difficult to explain.  Pages and sections which have been my daily routine for the past 15 months now will lay unused and discarded. I guess when you work with people associated paperwork takes on a new meaning when it no longer applies. i will be sad to leave my current job but i also know its the best thing to do given my circumstances..  I would hate to think my husband feels guilty as he can no longer work…But I kind of feel he does feel that way sometimes when hes sees how stressed out I am..  With this current illness of severe vitamin d deficiency, life for me  consists only of work and sleep. Slowly each day, now after nearly 2 months of mega doses, Im able to walk up stairs a bit better, I am able to go to bed at 9pm as opposed to 7pm. So im getting better, my doc tells me it can take months for the symptoms to get better, but at least i know it will get better.  And who knows maybe my diabetes will improve!

Until I start my new job Im unsure which sections I’m going to be needing so have only really decided on the calendar pages.


This year I have chosen one day per page seasons. Lovely vibrant colours and hopefully a good structure for daily routine. Only time will tell.


I haven’t  changed my front or my chihuahua page saver. I don’t like a lot of stickers in the from so I only have a few and a few clips. All I need really.


Picture 061        20131231-191927.jpg     20131231-191936.jpg

I have my 2 handmade charms which are new to 2014. See how I get on with them. Looking forward to using this layout and looking forward to a complete change in 2014

20131231-191918.jpg    20131231-191907.jpg   20131231-191856.jpg

Happy 2014 to all!





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