Is there anybody there?

So I have been on a search for God. It has taken me to different churches and met some different people. The one thing I have leant despite which denomination you chose it , you have to have your own personal relationship with god. The church the denomination is not important. Apart from spending and worshipping with a group who share your beliefs! This concept took me a while to grasp. I guess I thought some preacher pastor vicar would show me the path to God as they had exclusive access. When you don’t come from a religious background everything is new and unknown and I made and still do make lots of assumptions. I have had some not so pleasant encounters over the past year with religious people and I was have also been lucky enough to share some time study with some lovely people
So what does finding God mean to me? I have always had a belief that there was something I didn’t understand ,something about the universe, about my life ,about why we are here! It was and still is an eternal feeling and a feeling that never goes away. For me I love the awesomeness of the world. The rain,the stars, the hills,the sea ,the world! And the more you look at these wonderful gifts the more I think it can’t be an accident. It’s too well formed everything fits and works together.
However for me finding God lies in the Bible. The more I read the more I connect. I guess for me finding the scripture Romans 12.3 was pivotal It made sense to me and I have worked on that scripture. I don’t claim to have a solid concrete belief but I have the start and it’s a start I have waited for , for so long. And all I can do is build and build on the measure of faith God has planted in me. After all it’s up to us what we so with that faith.



3 thoughts on “Is there anybody there?

  1. After leaving a comment on your most recent post I read this article. It mirrored some of the things I was trying to share with you. More proof of God’s existence!

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