Last week 

So tomorrow i start my last week as an estate manager .i can already feel the stress bubbling inside but i hope i can see the week through with not too much upset. Its very strange to be leaving a job i am not going to miss. Especially one i have tried so very hard to be good at. And i have done a good job just a shame its not been appreciated but hey thats what happens when you work with joe public.

My religious quest as ever is complicated. My only real certainty is the sda are not for me. I have never heard back from the pastor cant help but feel that is income related…….

As for the jw and christadelphians im unsure. I cant get my head round no satan and alot of the videos the christadelphian produce are surrounding russia and syria. So im not.much further with my study there.

With the jw i get an uneasy feeling about their shunning and their strict policies of holidays. If you work with the public how do you avoid not becoming involved with halloween and easter and christmas etc. I dont celebrate any of these but they are holidays and as such a time.for.families to get together. That that is frowned upon. So my quest continues ……


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