Go and meddle elsewhere

I dont want  my past dragged up and flaunted in my face.  you know nothong about the shit that has happened in my life. you know nothing  about  the twats that decided to play and destroy the innocence in me.  due to your own insecurities  you want to prod and exploit mine.  go away and grow up. if you knew the can of worms you were opening youd realise  you are dangerously  playing with somebodys sanity. in your quest to please your own shortcomings you risk me.  i cant accept that. I will not accept  that. you know  nothing about the hurt you are causing about the raw emotions  you are reopening. go away and look at your  own life and your own hurt.  deal with your own shit and leave me to deal with mine.  you think your  life is perfect. If only you knew the truth. You’d  run a mile or would you?  im beginning to think this is your thing. meddling for the sake of causing distress……does it ease your  pain ?


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