It’s all about ME!

Lots of ideas, so little time……..Thats me!

I have so much I want to tell the world, but never know where to start… I’ll start here.

I have type2 diabetes diagnosed 2010 but had it for a fair few years before Id finally go to the Dr’s……Have tried various medications without much success til now. Victoza seems to be working quite well……long may it continue.

I am married with 3 wonderful sons and 2 little chihuahuas

My lil Doggies


More recently I have been on a path of self discovery. finally freeing myself from the vile dark murky past……

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One thought on “It’s all about ME!

  1. I received word of your blog entry that includes the fact that you found my book A Year in the Life: Journaling for Self-Discovery. I am glad you are enjoying using it. Although the book is out of print, I believe people can still find it used on Also, the is selling a digital version.

    I am so glad using the book’s ideas is helpful to you!

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