Making the Best ME possible

I am trying to learn to love me and life.  It is a long journey and requires so much hard work, just when I think I am making progress something sets me back. However, I have also made huge progress and there are some days when I think I am okay. I now take medications daily to keep me well, I try to eat more healthily and at least acknowledge that I do have diabetes, osteoporosis and more recently stomach isssues.

I am learning to look after me and not put and listen to others before my own wellbeing,  I do deserve to be well and to live a fulfilling life.  Anxiety and low self worth prevent me from joining in to lots of activities I would love to partake in.  Church for me is important but I somehow get very overwhelmed with the kindness of the congregation and find myself not going.  I need to work on this.

I will not  give up, my new faith in God helps me daily to start at least start liking myself.  If Jesus was prepared to sacrifice his life for me I must be worth something hey…?




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