Victoza still…..

Im still on Victoza but had to drop the forxiga.  My bp dropped too much on both.  Sugars are doing okay lower than they were . Im still only on .6 dosage looking to increase next week.  Finished my job today and its a huge relief onwards and upwards and no looking back.


Victoza take two

So it has been deemed appropriate that I start injecting victoza again for my ongoing saga with raging blood sugars.

Today is day 1 and I kid you not, one shot and I feel so full.  I dont remember this happening before. Only managed a small amount of breakfast . It will be interesting to see how the day pans out.

Byetta day 2

Felt so rough yesterday.  My head was like cotton wool and i spent most of afternoon in bed.

Woke this morning to bad stomach and 3trips to loo before 7am. Its now just after 9 and feel swimmy head and bit of nausea hopefully today will be better than yesterday as functioning at work js goi g to be tricky if i feel like this

1st injection of Byetta

So the day has arrived and my new life begins.  a life where i start to look after myself, take care of myself, try to love myself.

I wondered if i would hesitate with my first injection as it s been around 21 months since i last injected.   but it was ok, i slightly hesitated for maybe 2 seconds.  They have changed the needles now and I can honestly say i didnt feel a thing.

Its been about 30 mins since i injected and I had a small bowl of porridge for breakfast yet i feel like i have eaten a roast dinner!  so full up….i dont remember this last time but hey ho maybe its different this time.  I wasn’t on heart tablets last time so maybe that will make a difference?

I plan to document my journey over the next couple of weeks, in the hope that somebody else may read and identify with my journey.  i have been in counseling for around 4 years now and its been a long hard journey but I think i am beginning to make big changes,and feel more compassion for myself, hence starting up again with the correct diabetes medication and trying to put a stop to the self harm.  I don’t need to harm myself i have done nothing wrong Im just a product of losers, correction im now a product of my new creation…….I am who i want to be……………….almost!!!

Byetta take 3

So the eve before i start diabetic injections again  . Its been a while since inhave injected so i hope i dont have too much issue starting again.had to come off my existing  drugs today and my sugar at the moment is 23.6 bloody crazy huh😲i am hoping this drug will give me better control with not only my glucose but also my appetite. As this seems to have increased with my glucose levels . Need to kick start some more weight loss also as since the propanolol  i have gained about 5kg no extra weight gain is good for diabetes . Nervous but also ready for the challenge .

Losing the carbs in my diet

So This diabetes lark is getting me down, no matter what medication I take i still end up eventually with blood glucose levels in the 20’s!  (UK figures)  so I guess I am really reacting to my food.

Todays breakfast experiment…..2 turkey rashers, 10 mushroom 1 egg and 1 tomato… 1.5 hrs my sugar level had only risen to 12.1………That is amazing!

So I guess im going to have to look at my diet and try to eradicate as much carbs as possible . I wonder why I crave carbs so much,many years ago I had daily craving for pasta.  I could eat huge platefuls of pasta, didn’t worry about the sauce….when I was diagnosed with diabetes I decided to give up pasta.  We have pasta now as a treat as I know if I allowed myself free rule with it, I would be back to eating huge platefuls……

Cornflakes are a bugger for raising my levels. within an hour of eating them Im thirsty and fell yuck.  So I guess i will have to find carb free options for my meals  Be worth it if my levels become stable for once!!!

Everybody loses apart from me!

Warning pity post coming up!!!!!

So I read fantastic stories on the internet of people dropping pounds, stones etc on Victoza. As Im overweight I got excited at the thought of losing loads of weight.  I have lost a few stones just from having high blood sugar levels but ……surprise surprise, this is now creeping back on as my sugars seem to be levelling out.

Im thrilled that my sugars are in an ok range but I want to lose the 50lbs I read on the internet.  Victoza doesn’t make me feel sick or full….In fact I seem to be craving sweet foods which Ive never done before…Maybe my body is trying to put my sugars back up as it has become so used to them for past 4 years or so…??So no use will have to cut back on my portion sizes and get more physical. Went to nurse yesterday and she said I looked much better….So thats a start.  Who knows maybe the weight loss will kick in soon!