10 Things Borderlines Deal With Daily

One of the best articles I have seen. Describes exactly day to day struggle living with bpd

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a very intense disorder of behaviour and intensified emotions, often described by medical professionals as a roller coaster. Trauma and other factors contribute to the formation of ones personality, and borderlines experience extremes daily. Though the disorder may not be seen on the exterior, it is very real and is hard for anyone to understand, even one living with the condition.

The following are common daily occurrences for the average borderline, and may help you to understand the condition better.

fear-of-abadonmentFear of Abandonment. The most common Borderline trait is the fear of abandonment, and it is an everyday occurrence. As people grow older, they realize that people leave their lives, but we have witnessed it repeatedly in unnecessary forms. It could just be assumed abandonment or, other situations may feel like it. Having to leave a phone call, a coworker leaving work or having to say goodbye…

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New job new misery

How hard can it be to find a job i like. Have been housing manager for 7weeks and i hate it. Having the christmas holidays has made it much worse to the point i do not want to go back to work on tuesday.

I have applied for another job but have to say all this changing is very unsettling and probably making me very tetchy.

I have my endoscopy appointment on 26th jan not looking forward to that……but want too know what is causing persistent heartburn.

So welcome 2017 starting off shit so can only get better

Its bye bye byetta

So my short time with byetta has come to a halt  within 3 days i had a hoarse voice and terrible scratching in my throat. I do have trouble woth chronic heartburn and take lansoprazole daily for this but didnt seem to work when taking byettea.  Have stopped injections today and will go back on my forixiga.  Sitaglipton and starlix tomorrow morning.  Have gp appointment on 4th august so will doscuss it with her then  . In the meantime i hope this settles quickly as it is waking me up at night with a scratchy throat. 

Going to try low carb high fat diet in a weeks time.  Need to seetle my stomach first 


A few years ago i posted on here about a Franklin covey bag I was desperate to have.  Lovley Italian leather but quite pricey if you are on a tight budget……..Well in the Franklin Covey said bag was in the sale and now its in my possession…..upload photos later


Why did you pursue me and abuse me  why did you decieve me and make me belive it was love?  Why me?

How do you know

How do know which denomination to join.?  I know what I believe , I know what I don’t believe but when it comes to denomination I haven’t a clue. Just when I think I have is sorted also something makes me question .  How do people choose their church or does their church find them.? I pray I will be guided the right way and hope I do not offend God if I misunderstand his guidance. 

Is there are true denomination is the question I keep asking myself. With any church doctrines there are goi g to be ones you may find hard to understand and maybe that’s the issue. Maybe I’m looking for the perfect church with all doctrines I believe and follow! Not going to happen is it!??!

7day bible challenge

On fb today I was challenged to take part in 7 day bible verse challenge
Here is my day 1
This verse reminds and encourages me that God is there and we have proof he is. Not just in the world we see and the wonderful things he made for us to enjoy. But in his written word. He gave us his word so that we may get to know and trust him. This took me a while to accept. I kept wanting to see physical proof like a miraculous sign he existed. And the proof was right under my nose in his book.