Disc Bound Planner ARC by Staples

Exploring the idea of the ARC notebook from staples.  I used one for about 8 months and it served its purpose well.

Today I have purchased some various addons and paper for the planner. Im thinking maybe this can he used as my information planner with my new job.  As I will be a locum one day a week I potentionally could be going to manage any scheme so will need a robust notebook to store my info.  More posts to follow once I have planned…….

Endoscopy results

I have oesophagitis reflux gastritis and erosions. At least I know why i have pain and acid.  Cant say endoscopy is top of my bucket list but it was tolerable. Got to up my ppi to keep the acid from causing more damage.

On more postive news I was offered the job.  30 hours over 4 days and 3 days in office and 1 as locum, sounds really exciting and looking forward to starting.

Be glad to leave this current role as too much stress and agrivation which will only lead to more stomach issues. About time I tried to calm my life down now and stop all the stress that goes on. Too much of my body is being affected by stress.

I watched a good sermon today by Pastor Doug Batchelor about the Ten Commandments. How they are there for us to recognise sin.  It made a lot of sense to me and I hope it will help me to look at things in a more biblical way.

New job new misery

How hard can it be to find a job i like.  Have been housing manager for 7weeks and i hate it.  Having the christmas holidays has made it much worse to the point i do not want to go back to work on tuesday.

I have applied for another job but have to say all this changing is very unsettling and probably making me very tetchy.

I have my endoscopy appointment on 26th jan not looking forward to that……but want too know what is causing persistent heartburn.

So welcome 2017 starting off shit so can only get better

Go and meddle elsewhere

I dont want  my past dragged up and flaunted in my face.  you know nothong about the shit that has happened in my life. you know nothing  about  the twats that decided to play and destroy the innocence in me.  due to your own insecurities  you want to prod and exploit mine.  go away and grow up. if you knew the can of worms you were opening youd realise  you are dangerously  playing with somebodys sanity. in your quest to please your own shortcomings you risk me.  i cant accept that. I will not accept  that. you know  nothing about the hurt you are causing about the raw emotions  you are reopening. go away and look at your  own life and your own hurt.  deal with your own shit and leave me to deal with mine.  you think your  life is perfect. If only you knew the truth. You’d  run a mile or would you?  im beginning to think this is your thing. meddling for the sake of causing distress……does it ease your  pain ?

Last week 

So tomorrow i start my last week as an estate manager .i can already feel the stress bubbling inside  but i hope i can see the week through with not too much upset.  Its very strange to be leaving a job i am not going to miss.  Especially one i have tried so very hard to be good at.  And i have done a good job just a shame its not been appreciated but hey thats what happens when you work with joe public.   

My religious quest as ever is complicated.  My only real certainty is the sda are not for me.  I have never heard back from the pastor cant help but feel that is income related…….

As for the jw and christadelphians im unsure.  I cant get my head round no satan and alot of the videos the christadelphian produce are surrounding russia and syria.  So im  not.much further with my study there.

With the jw i get an uneasy feeling about their shunning and their strict policies of  holidays.  If you work with the public how do you avoid not becoming involved with  halloween and easter and christmas etc. I dont celebrate any of these but they are holidays and as such a time.for.families to get together.  That worries.me that is frowned upon. So my quest continues ……


Tithing – is this still relevant today? I know plenty of denominations who tithe but do the scriptures preach we should.

On my journey with SDA this has always been an issue for me and one that ultimately meant i stopped going to bible study.  My husband is a non believer . He doesnt mind me pursuing my faith but when the issue of tithing came up he was opposed.  I am the sole earner in my family due to my husband being disabled.  I don’t earn very much and we live month to month.  Sometimes not making it through the month without help.when i explained about sda tithing i can understand that he was opposed.   So i made the decision to stop my studies.  BUT i still watch sda TV and enjoy the various sermons on the internet
Last night while watching lets pray on my roku box i wondered which is more important to God . Me paying or not paying tithe or me accepting Jesus and paying what i can afford when i can afford it.  Surely the adventist life isnt all about tithing. Can you get kicked out for not tithing. What do adventists with non believing partners do.  If you do not get baptised are you duty bound to still tithe?

I feel alone trying to work through this but I will contibue to pray and hope God will give me an answer.

Its bye bye byetta

So my short time with byetta has come to a halt  within 3 days i had a hoarse voice and terrible scratching in my throat. I do have trouble woth chronic heartburn and take lansoprazole daily for this but didnt seem to work when taking byettea.  Have stopped injections today and will go back on my forixiga.  Sitaglipton and starlix tomorrow morning.  Have gp appointment on 4th august so will doscuss it with her then  . In the meantime i hope this settles quickly as it is waking me up at night with a scratchy throat. 

Going to try low carb high fat diet in a weeks time.  Need to seetle my stomach first