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Victoza take two

So it has been deemed appropriate that I start injecting victoza again for my ongoing saga with raging blood sugars.

Today is day 1 and I kid you not, one shot and I feel so full.  I dont remember this happening before. Only managed a small amount of breakfast . It will be interesting to see how the day pans out.


Byetta day 2

Felt so rough yesterday.  My head was like cotton wool and i spent most of afternoon in bed.

Woke this morning to bad stomach and 3trips to loo before 7am. Its now just after 9 and feel swimmy head and bit of nausea hopefully today will be better than yesterday as functioning at work js goi g to be tricky if i feel like this

1st injection of Byetta

So the day has arrived and my new life begins.  a life where i start to look after myself, take care of myself, try to love myself.

I wondered if i would hesitate with my first injection as it s been around 21 months since i last injected.   but it was ok, i slightly hesitated for maybe 2 seconds.  They have changed the needles now and I can honestly say i didnt feel a thing.

Its been about 30 mins since i injected and I had a small bowl of porridge for breakfast yet i feel like i have eaten a roast dinner!  so full up….i dont remember this last time but hey ho maybe its different this time.  I wasn’t on heart tablets last time so maybe that will make a difference?

I plan to document my journey over the next couple of weeks, in the hope that somebody else may read and identify with my journey.  i have been in counseling for around 4 years now and its been a long hard journey but I think i am beginning to make big changes,and feel more compassion for myself, hence starting up again with the correct diabetes medication and trying to put a stop to the self harm.  I don’t need to harm myself i have done nothing wrong Im just a product of losers, correction im now a product of my new creation…….I am who i want to be……………….almost!!!

Byetta take 3

So the eve before i start diabetic injections again  . Its been a while since inhave injected so i hope i dont have too much issue starting again.had to come off my existing  drugs today and my sugar at the moment is 23.6 bloody crazy huh😲i am hoping this drug will give me better control with not only my glucose but also my appetite. As this seems to have increased with my glucose levels . Need to kick start some more weight loss also as since the propanolol  i have gained about 5kg no extra weight gain is good for diabetes . Nervous but also ready for the challenge .

1.2 victoza

today i was more nervous injecting victoza 1.2 than i was actually starting 0.6!  The clicks alarm me when you inject…..However, it was perfectly fine injecting 1.2, injected over an hour ago and not really feeling anything yet maybe a little dizzy

Strange last night I had very little back pain………

Day 3 in the Victoza house

Day 3 sugars at overnight fasting 13.2  Last night had an extremely swollen belly!  i mean huge swollen.  Went down again thankfuly.  Never ate anything after my tea yday which is unusal always have a night time snack but not last night.  Gave myself a bruise with my shot yday not sure how they happen  shoulder pain not so bad last night!  strange!  So day 3 shot taken and little info i found last night:

maximum concentration 8 – 12 hours after injection, 24 hours duration

so maybe that is why i didnt eat after tea??