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What is your thorn?

Just watched Pastor Byrd and felt compelled to share.  Im one for complaining Im a half glass empty kind of person.  I moan about this and I moan about that ,I make situations 100 times worse because I moan and complain.  Todays sermon I watched was about identifying your thorn and recognising that God may leave the thorn so that it makes you more Holy.  When I first started to watch this sermon I thought how could God do that . Why would he want people to suffer but as I watched it became more apparent to me that the scripture 2 peter 3:9 is evidence of this.  I can identify that my thorn is bpd. It affects my life so much but what it has also done now is draw me closer to God as I ask him daily to help me deal with the confusion and chaos bpd can bring to me.  If God wants to save me then my thorn has a positive spin about it.  This is what is drawing me closer to him.  It may be hard to bear now but God allows it to stay there for a reason. He wants me to be saved and he wants me to assist to save others ………..this is a huge revelation to me today. Thank you God for using Pastor Carlton Byrd to deliver this message. It has helped me to take a different look at my thorn.