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Victoza take two

So it has been deemed appropriate that I start injecting victoza again for my ongoing saga with raging blood sugars.

Today is day 1 and I kid you not, one shot and I feel so full.  I dont remember this happening before. Only managed a small amount of breakfast . It will be interesting to see how the day pans out.


Losing the carbs in my diet

So This diabetes lark is getting me down, no matter what medication I take i still end up eventually with blood glucose levels in the 20’s!  (UK figures)  so I guess I am really reacting to my food.

Todays breakfast experiment…..2 turkey rashers, 10 mushroom 1 egg and 1 tomato…..by 1.5 hrs my sugar level had only risen to 12.1………That is amazing!

So I guess im going to have to look at my diet and try to eradicate as much carbs as possible . I wonder why I crave carbs so much,many years ago I had daily craving for pasta.  I could eat huge platefuls of pasta, didn’t worry about the sauce….when I was diagnosed with diabetes I decided to give up pasta.  We have pasta now as a treat as I know if I allowed myself free rule with it, I would be back to eating huge platefuls……

Cornflakes are a bugger for raising my levels. within an hour of eating them Im thirsty and fell yuck.  So I guess i will have to find carb free options for my meals  Be worth it if my levels become stable for once!!!

Everybody loses apart from me!

Warning pity post coming up!!!!!

So I read fantastic stories on the internet of people dropping pounds, stones etc on Victoza. As Im overweight I got excited at the thought of losing loads of weight.  I have lost a few stones just from having high blood sugar levels but ……surprise surprise, this is now creeping back on as my sugars seem to be levelling out.

Im thrilled that my sugars are in an ok range but I want to lose the 50lbs I read on the internet.  Victoza doesn’t make me feel sick or full….In fact I seem to be craving sweet foods which Ive never done before…Maybe my body is trying to put my sugars back up as it has become so used to them for past 4 years or so…??So no use will have to cut back on my portion sizes and get more physical. Went to nurse yesterday and she said I looked much better….So thats a start.  Who knows maybe the weight loss will kick in soon!

1.2 victoza

today i was more nervous injecting victoza 1.2 than i was actually starting 0.6!  The clicks alarm me when you inject…..However, it was perfectly fine injecting 1.2, injected over an hour ago and not really feeling anything yet maybe a little dizzy

Strange last night I had very little back pain………

Day 3 in the Victoza house

Day 3 sugars at overnight fasting 13.2  Last night had an extremely swollen belly!  i mean huge swollen.  Went down again thankfuly.  Never ate anything after my tea yday which is unusal always have a night time snack but not last night.  Gave myself a bruise with my shot yday not sure how they happen  shoulder pain not so bad last night!  strange!  So day 3 shot taken and little info i found last night:

maximum concentration 8 – 12 hours after injection, 24 hours duration

so maybe that is why i didnt eat after tea??

Victoza is my name!

Well it’s not really my name but it is the name of the latest drug Im trying fro my diabetes.  Fed up with tryung this and trying that.!

Day 2 feel abit foggy in the head and mild sicky feeling but thats all. Not really noticed too much difference with my sugars.  Overnight fasting 14,9  and 1 hr after breakfast 18.7  but its early days and only on low lose atm….So fingers crossed this is the one that will help me.

Need to really get this undercontrol, scan showed I have confirmed fatty liver so losing weight is the only real way to get that under control as well as good sugar control.  its all shit really but im sure once i feel better and get a good grip on all this it will be easy or at lease easier.  so far victoza not creating any nasty side effects, apart from stupid little chesty cough.